A Letter From Our Founder & CEO

You’ve been hearing from a lot of CEOs over the past few days, and I can imagine that you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed by the news updates about COVID-19 and how they are playing out in your everyday life. However, I feel it’s important that you hear from me about what Simple Habit is doing to help our community at this time.

Our mission at Simple Habit is to help people live better, every day. Now more than ever, our team recognizes that we have an opportunity to serve, and we’re motivated to do so. I’ve detailed below steps that we’re taking to support you, our larger member community, and our incredible team of talented experts during this challenging time.

We recognize that many people are now being required to stay home, resulting in loss of income and financial uncertainty. As a response to this macro change, starting today until the end of April 2020, we’ll offer free Simple Habit premium memberships to all people who are financially impacted by this difficult time and can no longer afford to pay. If you’re struggling or in need, we’ll take care of you. Please email us at help@simplehabit.com.

Additionally, Simple Habit is providing:

  • New meditation collections – New meditation plans and collections designed specifically for stress and anxiety related to Coronavirus. Topics include Self-Care, Easing Fear, Mindful Communication With Family, Mindfulness for Kids at Home, and Guided Yoga. Listen for free here.
  • Financial support for our experts – Many Simple Habit experts rely on group retreats as a source of livelihood. With most group and in-person events being canceled, meditation and mindfulness experts are among many professionals who are experiencing a huge financial hit. Simple Habit will continue to support our experts financially while also providing free premium membership to those in need.

With gratitude,

Founder & CEO, Simple Habit



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