Is It Anxiety or Intuition?

The following blog post was written by Simple Habit expert Sherianna Boyle.

I recently had a client call me in a panic, “Can I have a session with you soon? I have been a real mess lately.” Once we hopped on the phone, she began to tell me she’s been overcome by nerves; her thoughts have been tainted with fear and negativity. She wondered what was wrong with her and could I somehow help her figure out how to manage her anxiety?

She moved into sharing all the “issues” she wanted to “work on” and she also mentioned being in a relationship. The more she described her situation, the more I realized something bigger at play….

This wasn’t anxiety at all, but rather, her bodies way of saying, “you need to wake up and watch out before you get yourself in a terrible situation.”

Fast forward to a conversation with my oldest daughter who is a cosmetologist. “Mom,” she said, “I had the strangest feeling today. I had to cut a new client’s hair and the entire time I was sweating and my heart was beating fast.” I answered her with my usual, “Listen to your gut, honey.” A few days later, she called me back, “You are not going to believe it mom. You know that guy I told you about? One of the other stylist knows him and she said he was just arrested for some awful things.”

Now let me ask you, were these situations due to anxiety or intuition? Many of us have been trained to see anxiety as a sign of a symptom or problem rather than a guidance system.

Anxiety may not be an issue at all, but rather an indication that our intuition is attempting to speak to us. However, it can’t do that well, if we are constantly writing off our anxiety as an indication of how screwed up we are.

Many people who suffer from anxiety have trouble distinguishing their intuition from the actual symptoms. This can increase their level of anguish and confusion. If this is you, the best way to develop your gut (intuition) so you can read it more accurately (and reduce the symptoms of anxiety at the same time) is to learn how to process your emotions. Learning how to identify and process your emotions strengthens your gut-brain connection. Emotions, after all, are the gateway between what you sense (higher mind) and what you feel (heart and gut).

The next time you feel your heartbeat speeds up or you notice your thoughts are racing, pause and take a moment to ask yourself: 

  • Is there something I am supposed to be paying attention to?
  • How is my body trying to guide me right now?
  • Can I allow myself to take a moment and process what is coming up?

You can soften your eyes and even close them if you like. Then, breathe deeply and turn your attention inwards. Listen to the way your body is attempting to serve you in the moment.

Ready to strengthen your brain-gut connection?? Listen to Sherriana’s Emotional Detox series on Simple Habit.

About Sherianna

Sherianna Boyle is the author of seven books including her latest, Emotional Detox for Anxiety, she is an expert on Simple Habit, adjunct Psychology Professor, mindful expert and founder of Emotional Detox Coaching and the C.L.E.A.N.S.E Method. Her books and resources can be found at


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