The Biggest Holiday Stressors and How To Cope

By now, your Instagram feed is likely overtaken by holiday cheer…photos of perfectly decorated trees, must-have gifts, spectacular holiday parties, friends and family laughing and enjoying each other’s company…

And then there’s you. Maybe you’re dreading extended time with family, you haven’t even thought about gifts and that’s because you’re still trying to figure out what to wear or what to bake for next week’s holiday party…

There is a lot of pressure to make this time of year feel happy, magical, perfect. But if you’re not exactly feeling “the most wonderful time of the year”? Well, you’re actually not alone. 

We surveyed more than 2,900 individuals and learned that 7 out of 10 people feel stressed this holiday season

Upon digging deeper, we also discovered that stress this holiday is coming from two common sources: Money and family. 

Regardless of what’s causing you stress, how you approach it can make the difference. If you can approach it with a clear mind, you can make better decisions on what to do and how to respond in those moments. 

It is possible to survive the holiday season with a little less stress. We worked with world-class meditation teachers and psychologists to offer series designed to help you navigate these common holiday stressors.

Here’s what our experts have to say.

If you’re worried about money this holiday season…

We often give money power, without questioning it. In today’s culture, money is the answer for anything. And in this frenzy, people get wounded in their relationship with money. It can be powerful to realize that the chase for more is a mindset, not a reality. The desire to make a difference in life is fundamental to our souls. Knowing this, try to put your energy towards your purpose, what you can create rather than what you lack. Notice your life light up. Natural abundance will follow. That is the source of true prosperity. – Jay Chodagam, Simple Habit Teacher

If your money worries keep you up at night, Jay will help you learn to shift your thoughts and reduce stress related to your financial situation.

If you’re worried about spending extended time with family…

The truth is simple yet powerful: our feelings are an expression of our needs. If we’re unhappy, it’s because there’s something important to us that’s not happening. If we can identify that, it’s easier to talk about it and work things out.

When we focus our attention on what matters to us, on our deeper needs or values, we can tell the other person what’s happening for us without needing to blame them or make them wrong. Instead of your roommate being a “slob” who never cleans up, you can tell them that you really enjoy it when the house is clean, and you’d love some more teamwork and support. Instead of telling your sibling that they’re self-centered and arrogant, you might let them know that you’d really like to feel closer and have some more balance in your conversations, and would they be willing to listen to what’s happening in your life? – Oren Jay Sofer, Simple Habit Teacher

Our relationships with family are often some of our most important. In this series, Oren will help you learn to stay grounded in challenging family moments and come from your best intentions in any situation.

And if you’re just feeling the holiday blues…

Our emotions are triggered by our thoughts. And the most powerful conversations we have are the ones we have with ourselves. Give yourself time to acknowledge what emotions or feelings are showing up for you. First, listen. Then, decide how you want to respond.

This holiday season, you can decide how YOU will approach what is uncomfortable about this time of year and commit to responding in the way that honors what makes YOU feel good. – Marni Amsellem, Simple Habit Teacher

Psychologist Marni will help you work through difficult thoughts and emotions that are coming up this holiday season.

It is possible to survive the holiday season and embrace this time of year. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But, by giving yourself a moment to unwind and clear your mind, you can start to identify what solutions make the most sense for you. 

Happy Holidays,

From The Simple Habit Team 

Simple Habit 2018 Holiday Stress Survey

For more information on holiday stress and meditation, check out this Elite Daily article that mentions Simple Habit!


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