User Story: Meditating With My Dog & Managing Insomnia

Do you meditate with Simple Habit? Let us know your meditation story today

User story from Sue Shortt

I have been meditating for a little over 2 years. Recently I learned about Simple Habit and I have become a subscriber. I like the variety of guided meditations available, and being able to choose how long you wish to practice. I also like that there are different meditation teachers guiding the sessions.

I began meditating to help me manage chronic pain and anxiety. It is one of the tools in my self-care toolbox, and I’m proud that I’ve made it a daily habit. Anxiety is a tough beast, and I have lived with it for as long as I can remember. I need reminders daily to slow down, breathe, be aware and be open to each experience just as it unfolds. I feel like these lessons are slowly sinking in to my busy mind.

Every afternoon, I say “Time to meditate!” to my little dog and best buddy Lily. She hops up and follows me to my room. She snuggles beside me the whole time. I light a lavender candle, and I use a special soft blanket. I lie down, as it is the most comfortable position for me to maintain. After meditation, I usually stay to rest for another 10-15 minutes, then I feel ready to get back to my day.

Some days I need more than this, and I have found that meditating after an anxiety attack helps me calm myself down. A quick 5-minute meditation before bed sets me up for a good night’s sleep. Overall, I really feel the benefits of this simple habit.


User story from Lauren Dunn:

I started meditating about six months ago after experiencing a bout of insomnia, which is a common symptom for people like me who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I had tried meditating in the past when I was younger but I never got the feel for it. In fact, I remember feeling so frustrated with the idea of “clearing my mind” that I ended up giving up on meditation and other similar self care practices for another 4 years!

So, with that in mind, the thought of starting up a meditation practice again was extremely daunting to me, but I knew I had to give it a shot.

I first tried practicing on my own and using guided meditations online but nothing ever really worked for me. Until I started with Simple Habit.

The 2 week trial was honestly life changing as I found the guided meditations simple to use and having the application on my phone just made things even more easy!

After a couple of times using the app in the morning I decided to try doing the “Deep Sleep” guided meditation series before going to sleep. Though, the 5 minute meditation wasn’t enough to calm my worried mind, being able to boost the time up to 20 minutes did the trick!

Since I’ve discovered Simple Habit, I have had little to no issues getting to sleep at night and because of this success, I encourage everyone I know to try it! Not only does Simple Habit help to calm my mind at night, but I find great joy from the occasional 5-10 minute meditations for reducing stress and boosting self acceptance. I couldn’t ask for a better meditation guide.

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3 thoughts on “User Story: Meditating With My Dog & Managing Insomnia

  1. I am the owner of TranquilWatersbnb/Meditation Retreat in ks and I have to say I look so forward to using this app every morning I wake up say my prayers, grab coffee then my 3digs and I meditate it seems to calm everyone down thank you fir thus free app we live and appreciate you guys 🕉️🐶🙏


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