Meditating with the Simple Habit Team

Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Here at Simple Habit, we strive towards making meditation and mindfulness accessible to all. And, the most important part of the Simple Habit team is that we love and use the app regularly. We genuinely believe in the positive impacts that daily meditation can have because we’ve seen the effects firsthand.

Get to know the people behind the app! Here’s how meditation has helped us:

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Yunha Kim, Founder and CEO

I found mindfulness during a time in my life when I was extremely stressed, but too busy to do anything about it. Through trial and error, I realized that the best way to infuse meditation into my daily life was to think of it as a use it as a vitamin. Taking small breaks of 5-minutes throughout my day to check in with myself, whether in the morning, before a meeting, or during my commutes, helps to keep me constantly  calm, focused, and present.

The Mindful Relationships series on Simple Habit discusses how to deal with getting hit with the “Second Arrow” feeling and not letting yourself get stressed out to the max. Meditating a few times throughout the day really helps me reduce stress and focus better at work.


Elina Lin, Designer 

Meditation has been such a powerful tool to not only reduce stress levels but also help cultivate more energy, creativity, and compassion for myself and everyone around me. With just a few intentional breaths, I feel reconnected to what really matters – being alive in THIS moment.

Like any startup, Simple Habit has a million things going at lightning speed and we have to face unexpected challenges all the time. I’m so grateful to work together with teammates who embrace mindfulness and wellbeing as a core value. Taking 5 minutes of meditation has helped me find mental clarity and calmness to move forward instead of spiraling out of control!

I like to mix and match my Simple Habit meditations. Recently I’ve been choosing sessions focused on work productivity and healthy relationships. I just started the “4 weeks of Inner Peacekeeping” program. Also LOVE the dual 31 day podcast & meditation series by Cory Muscara and Simon Moyes!


Karen Zhao, Product Marketing

Meditation has helped me connect to a greater sense of authenticity — being more honest with myself and others, living in greater accordance with my core values, and working for a mission I truly believe in. In a team setting, meditation has helped me shift to a more growth-oriented mindset, not only towards myself (seeing challenges/failures as opportunities for me to learn, rather than as proof of inadequacy), but also towards the people I work with.

Calm in Chaos” by Jeff Foster and “Calm Nerves” by Kelly Boys are great for quick stress relief. I’ve also enjoyed our “31-Day Fresh Start” series by Simon Moyes. Cory Muscara’s podcast episodes are also perfect for listening to while waiting in line or commuting

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Isha Varma, Customer Support/Social Media Intern

I was introduced to meditation at a young age by my mother and since then, I’ve been meditating regularly. It was through meditation that I learned about the importance of taking breaks and releasing tension.

Most importantly, it has helped me enjoy the process of each day. Too often, we can find ourselves working towards the future, forgetting to fully enjoy the current moments. Meditation helps to ground me and my emotions, allowing me to celebrate the small victories both personally and in teams.

On Simple Habit, I gravitate towards the 10 and 15 minute meditations on the days where I have more time. Being a full-time student, I always prep for midterms and finals with the “Worry Less about Grades” and “Before Exam” meditations. Definitely helps me to get into my zone!


Iryna Manukhina, QA Analyst Intern

When I started to study and work on a daily basis, I began to have problems with sleep. Because of my tendency to always want to solve problems right away, I would also think about ways to solve all the issues right before going to sleep. If there were problems at work or at home in my life, I couldn’t sleep without trying figure out how to solve them. And sometimes, it’s impossible to find ways immediately so I would spend hours up late thinking.

For me, meditation is a method to have a good sleep at night and to clear my mind before bed. At work, we meditate before our lunch-break and before our weekly meetings to relax and improve our focus during teamwork sessions.

My absolute favorite meditations on Simple Habit are in the “Sleep Well” category. I also listen to the nature sounds like “Rain” and “Ocean“. I gravitate towards meditations where the teachers have a deep and calming voice. It’s easy to find these on Simple Habit since we have so many options!

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Nini Tang Michaels, Office Manager 

As a mom to 2 young kids under 5, I’m constantly feeling frazzled and stressed out. Simple Habit has been such a godsend! The 5 minute meditations have reintroduced me to focusing on my breath. Before my kids, I used to be an avid yoga practitioner. Now I just don’t have time for an hour long plus class. With the app, I can listen anywhere, anytime. I even used it to replace timeout after my 4 year old had a tantrum tonight. We sat and listened to it together. Although he didn’t want to do the breathing exercise, he still sat quietly through it. Meditation has helped me to be more present and connected, so I can appreciate what’s going on around me.

Because of the extensive library of meditations and teachers offered on Simple Habit, I’m still working my way through to find ones that really resonate with me. My husband and I did enjoy Anne Douglas’ ‘For Couples‘ series. It’s so easy to be only focused on our children as parents, that we don’t find time to connect with our spouses. Anne’s series promotes communication with your partner. I found myself feeling so much more love and gratitude towards my spouse after each session.

Meditate with us today! Download Simple Habit for free: 



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